6 Keys to create a functional and modern Beautiful two-story house in Lahore

Ideas to beautify your home in a technique: simple, stunning and economical
May 24, 2017

6 Keys to create a functional and modern Beautiful two-story house in Lahore


The first and simplest step we must take is to decide how many rooms we need and for what purpose. We will start by deciding the number of bedrooms depending on the people who live regularly or sporadically in the house. Also according to our plans in the medium and long term: although right now it’s only for a couple they may decide to have children in a while … So let’s make a simple scheme:


  1. Receiver


  1. Living room and dining room together or separately


  1. Kitchen with dining room, with bar for breakfast…


  1. Bedrooms: how many?


  1. One or more areas of study or work


  1. Bathrooms and toilets depending on the needs


  1. Patio or terrace


  1. Organize the different environments

If we start with the ground floor, we could say that the logical thing to place in it could be: entrance hall, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, an auxiliary bathroom and the office or the laundry room (if we have one). Already on the top floor we could put the bedrooms (main and guests), bathroom / s, a TV room, the office … Obviously all this depending on the space we have.



  1. Connections between spaces

This is one of the most important and often forgotten points when we mentally distribute or design our house. We always think of the two floors in themselves, in their content and distribution, but not in how we are going to unite them.


We must also take into account our preferences when placing stairs or different connections, for example: we prefer to have the option of going directly from the upper floor to the garden or the kitchen without having to go through the living room or the kitchen. Dining room. The options are many and each one adapts to the tastes and above all the needs of each family.


  1. The importance of the exterior

The exterior of the house is probably one of the spaces of the house to which we give more love and dedication. It is also important that we think about how we are going to want to distribute it, place it … more than anything else if we are also going to need works or help when carrying it out. For example, we could be talking about a construction pool, an automatic awning, an area roofed in wood like the one in the image … Keep it clear so you do not get caught by surprise.

  1. Windows are also planned

Colonial style houses of Design Excellence

Excellence in Design

How do you want your new home to be? We recommend that you enter all the windows you can, including a terrace on the second floor like this one that we see in the image. The houses are happier the more light they have, but not only for that. It is more than necessary a good ventilation of the house. In addition you must plan according to the regulation and the architectural possibilities that you offer.


  1. A good structure

Design style terraces of Excellence

It is necessary that we think, once we have all of the above clear, in the structure that is going to make the project a reality. First we can establish a reasonable module that can be 4×3 meters or 4×4 meters defining the columns at the intersections of walls. Once we have this clear, we see on the ground floor where these columns will be and depending on it, we plan according to plan.


Oh! A tip: when you choose the bathrooms, it is better if you have two are wall to wall, so that the sanitary facilities can be made more economical and with better functioning.


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